What exactly is the Post Production for Podcasts?

It is a series of touch-ups and upgrades we give your Podcast’s audio after it has been recorded. The goal is to make the audio more entertaining and captivating for your audience, giving the Podcast greater online exposure.

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Podcasts are a global trend!

Podcasts are online audio files made with the intent of transmitting a range of content possibilities and sharing information.

In essence, it is quite similar to the radio, but they tend to be scheduled and/or recorded and serve as a new format for the traditional text blogs.

The greatest benefit of podcasts, as opposed to the radio is that the recording will still be available to listeners at any time after the recording

They are not live recordings. Also, they are often indexed by topic, which allows audiences to search for specific areas or ideas and then start receiving podcast suggestions for those that discuss the listener’s topic of interest.


What exactly do I need to make the Post-Production of my Podcast?

Here is a breakdown of what Rec My Music does with your recorded Podcast.

Editing of the Raw Material

One of the main tasks in the post-production process is the editing of the raw material , which is the original audio you recorded before any changes were made to it. This is the phase where we can select the highlights in a conversation, remove unwanted instances and group all takes in a single file which will then be ready for upload! Some main points in the editing service include:

Jingles e Opening Title Sequences

Having a sound identity is incredibly important to all podcasts. This identity is how audiences will be able to identify your content amongst all the others out there. The opening and closing jingles are essential in the customization of your Podcast.
Some main points regarding this service include:

Visual Identity and Tags

When your podcast is posted to online channels, they must have a cover layout, which will be the visual identification of your Podcast, as well as key words, or tags, that will help in finding and identifying your podcast. These services add to previous processes, finalizing the post-production material and ensuring that the podcast will be of professional quality.
In this phase, the following services are highlighted:

Management and Distribution

You will have your own exclusive login and password to Castbox, a podcast platform that locates, downloads ad organizes Brazil’s biggest podcasts so that audiences can listen to them offline.
Users can subscribe to any podcast channel or download specific episodes to watch at any time they’d like. The app is free.
The podcast distribution service includes adding your podcast to:

I want to Post-Produce my Podcast

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Further questions?

Read the most frequently asked questions on the Post Production for Podcasts service offered by Rec My Music, tailor-made for you!


The term “podcast” is a combination of the word iPod and broadcast, and it was first used in 2004. It is a form of online multimedia file transmission, created by internet users themselves.

It is basically a blog where, instead of read, the content is heard. Podcasts can be listened to at any time and even in mobile devices and they serve as a special type of digital radio with specific topics of conversation.


They are meant to be short to make sure that the content is dynamic and that we have the audiences’ attention for the whole duration of the podcast. The duration may vary and extent depending on the topic and the “Podcaster’s” (person who manages a Podcast) concept for his podcast. 


Podcasts are available in countless platforms. On the computer, they can be found on websites, on online search engines (eg:Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox). You can also find podcasts on mobiles, such as tables or cellphones, on audio-specific apps, such as Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Deezer and other aggregators, like PodcastAddict and/or Castbox. In these platforms, you can subscribe to podcast channels for free and receive notifications every time new episodes are uploaded online. 


No. Our service exclusively pertains to your podcast POST PRODUCTION. This means that you will send us a recorded episode in its raw, unedited form. From that, we will create the opening title sequence, edit the recording, and take care of other services within the post production category to ensure that your podcast’s final product is of professional quality.